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About Us 

If you think back to your school or college days, the best memories you have are those with your friends! Your first day in college, your best friend, your dorms, hanging in the corridors, your school canteen, all-nighters before exams & chilling for weeks after exams - our school lives are filled with so many awesome interactions, experiences & memories. In each of them you’re with a friend, never alone!

Humans always have, and will always continue to learn from one another. We are a social learning platform that allows us to learn the way we learn best - socially. 

We have raised a Series A led by Accel and Matrix Partners and a select few angels to help us realize this dream.

Our Approach 

Openhouse is not for everyone and that’s ok. We need people that not only write code but dream about building meaningful products. Some traits that work well with us:

  • Love for Learning: We are pushing the boundaries of what an online classroom can be. Some ideas don’t work and we are ok with that.
  • Bias for Action: We can debate ideas as much as we want, but there is no substitute for building products and getting feedback from users.
  • Kindness: We believe diversity of thought is critical. Surrounding yourself with smart peers from diverse backgrounds should drive you. We are a passionate group of technologists, creators and teachers that challenge each other respectfully.

At the end of the day, we want you to grow, feel challenged and most importantly have fun!

The Role

We are looking for a seasoned frontend engineer to join our team. More than anything, we are looking for engineers that are eager to learn, and build a meaningful company. We are a small team and encourage engineers to wear many hats. Working closely with our founders, senior leaders, product managers, and designers, you will have the unique opportunity to build products that will change how students and teachers learn online and shape the culture of our engineering organization. You may be a good fit if you:


  • hold yourself and the team to a high bar of engineering standards and champion best practices
  • are not looking to be spoon-fed, take end-end ownership of products to launch through the entire lifecycle
  • care about the quality of code, testability, and extensibility.
  • not only code, but understand the balance between speed, engineering, and business
  • are clear and concise in your communication about complex technical topics, products, and status
  • are empathetic to a diverse group of users and peers

Desired Experience | Skills

  • passion for all things JavaScript, having built complex single-page applications on React/Redux for at least 2 years.
  • profound understanding of HTML, CSS, and browser capabilities to build beautiful, fast and snappy applications.
  • comfortable with jest for writing unit and integration tests/puppeteer for e2e tests.
  • curiosity to remain updated with the newest technologies and frameworks.
  • intuition for usability and UI design, with an ability to balance polish with the constraints of timing and scope.
  • comfort with any of WebRTC/Backend Stack/React Native is a strong plus.
  • most importantly, love coding and debugging gnarly problems!

Our Products 

  • oh! meets | we have reimagined what an online classroom should be! It ups your regular video conference aided learning, by a notch. oh! Classrooms are interactive, have live engagement tracking, breakout sessions, fun games → all of these on top of video calls.
  • oh! home | oh! home is not only a gateway to classes but aims to bring a plethora of real-life fun and learning experiences, online. It enables students to walk through classroom corridors, peep inside the classroom before joining, browse the bulletin board and express opinions for the latest buzz, learn with their friends outside the classroom and much more.
  • oh! alfred | Everyone at openhouse is a superhero like Batman, and isn’t Batman incomplete without his trusted aide - Alfred? Our Admin Portal for Oh! Superheroes to keep the show running.

The Joel Test (w/oh! twist)

  • Do you use source control? Yes
  • Have you automated the build & delivery? Yes
  • Do you make daily builds? No
  • Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Yes
  • Do you use tools to track bugs and features? Yes
  • Are you responsible for the entire SDLC? Yes
  • Do new candidates write code during their interview? Yes
  • Do developers collaborate with stakeholders? Yes
  • Do you use a defined development process to prioritize work and communicate status? Yes
  • Do you write and run automated tests? No - But we want to get there.

Come work with us!

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