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Teacher Development Lead

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full Time

About Us 

If you think back to your school or college days, the best memories you have are those with your friends! Your first day in college, your best friend, your dorms, hanging in the corridors, your school canteen, all nighters before exams & chilling for weeks after exams - our school lives are filled with so many awesome interactions, experiences & memories. In each of them you’re with a friend, never alone! Humans always have, and will always continue to learn from one another. We, at Openhouse, are a social learning platform that allows students to learn the way we learn best - socially.

Our Approach 

Covid has reshaped every aspect of our lives and education is no exception. The world is learning to learn online but the main reason why online education hasn’t skyrocketed is because all platforms are designed to simply deliver content (whether pre-recorded or live). Online learning doesn’t feel natural, warm or relatable. Taking an analogy from the gaming world, edtech so far consists of single player games designed only for access but not engagement & retention. The only actions one can take is content consumption and practice via multiple choice questions. We, on the contrary, think education is an immersive multiplayer experience! If our children are going to learn online we will have to make it social. That’s how learning happens best. We think we’re amongst the first few companies in the world trying to push the boundaries of edtech to a new era of highly social & community driven learning.

The Role

Our teacher development lead will be responsible for designing, managing and executing our teacher growth and development program end-end. This will involve

  • Conceptualize innovative and pedagogically cutting edge learning experiences and tools for our teachers both pre and in practice

  • Design and manage all processes, outcome and metrics for teacher quality and learning process

  • Lead and grow team to execute initiatives

  • Grow and build sustainable teacher community in line with OH philosophy

Preferred Mindset

  • A nuanced understanding of teacher personas and development strategies.

  • An ability to break down abstract problems into concrete problems or design tasks.

  • A willingness to creatively re-imagine teacher development building on best practices and iterative evidence

  • An intuitive understanding of and appreciation for student centric learning and teaching as facilitation. 

  • An ability to work with stakeholders of multiple perspectives to build consensus and share vision

  • Good, clear and thoughtful communicator, with ability to present ideas to a different kind of people

  • A commitment to impact and output quality and an ability to build iteratively towards it

Desired Experience

Must haves:

  • A minimum of 7 years of experience working in K-12 educational context. 

  • Exposure to multiple schools of thought, educational environments etc. 

  • Comfort and ability working with technology

  • Leading and managing teams

Awesome to have:

  • A thirst for transforming teaching and learning for K-12 

  • Enjoy working in a young, agile, dynamic environment 

  • Experience and interest working with technology or technologists

  • Curiosity and interest in informal learning and student engagement

  • Desire to learn, grow, do!

Our Culture

The best classrooms have an awesome learning culture. We think of our organization as one large classroom, where each of us is a student trying to learn from & teach one another.  We have all sorts of people here: humanists, tech junkies, educationists, designers & wanna be designers! Since we are a small organization, we function like a tight-knit family where we care for each other’s work but also for each other’s lives. We’ve often heard that the first 50 team members set the culture & pace of an organization, which is why we take time and carefully pick our team.

If you grab a sneak peek into our tribe, you’d find us to be super real. We are all encouraged to call a spade a spade, even if this means disappointing a peer. Coming up with prospective solutions is good, but we care about how well the experience is crafted - aesthetics do matter. Think of Disneyland, Nike, Airbnb, WeWork, Apple: the best folks know not only how to deliver a product/service, but also make it beautiful. Most importantly, we are all learners! Right across the team. from engineering to product, community to classroom, we think of how we’d feel if we were students – and this reminds us to keep learning and growing!

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